Auroralight LEDs Bring Residence Into the Future

Time can render some lighting fixtures obsolete. At Auroralight, our goal as an experienced landscape light manufacturer is to produce timeless fixtures that are supported by modern innovations. Our designs are not only aesthetically modern and dynamic but also modular, which makes it easy to maintain our products for years to come. These are precisely the characteristics that made our products the optimal solution for a large-scale project for a home  that sits on two lots in a gated community. 

Renewal with Modern Outdoor Landscape Lighting

The project seemed simple enough. The homeowner was in desperate need of a landscape lighting upgrade after their multitude of trees had matured and tripled in size. Originally, each tree had only one dedicated fixture. That left the property mostly in darkness. The project was given to McKay Landscape Lighting, and the project designer, Andrew Coleman (AJ) quickly ascertained that the best solution would be a full upgrade that included at least two fixtures per tree as well as a transition to LED lamps. 

Auroralight became a clear answer for all the problems presented by this project. Many of our fixtures are compatible with LED lamps, and our product lines include a wide variety of lighting solutions conducive to all kinds of spaces and landscapes. This particular project included spotlights, path and area lighting, and directional lighting to achieve the proper effect. Another key component of this project was the need to light modern sculptures throughout the property, which was again easily handled by our robust product line. 

Ultimately, the designer chose to use our flexible spotlights for two applications. First, they were used to emphasize the roofline of the home so that the architecture was clearly visible. As AJ explains, “The main goal was to highlight the beauty of the home and provide added security at the same time.” Second, the same spotlights were used to illuminate the modern sculptures and play up their unique angles and create interesting shadows. 

For the trees, AJ chose our original and ever-popular SLX16 Mariner. This accent light offers many potential applications, and our Storm Drain™ lens drainage system makes it an ideal choice for use around trees that see a lot of rainfall, dirt, and debris. Finally, the design was finished with our exceptional path lighting that is ideal for use in discreet applications like garden beds and other areas to help illuminate without distracting from the beauty of the landscape itself. 

Of course, the entire project benefitted from the use of LED lamps. They offer a plethora of advantages, including a more sustainable lighting solution, a longer lifespan, improved energy efficiency, and no heat or UV emissions. 

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Auroralight Products Light Up Duchesne Academy

At Auroralight we strive to create estate-quality luminaires that bring elegance and illumination to a wide variety of environments and spaces. This is part of why we have been a leader in the outdoor lighting industry for over 25 years. Our fixtures are sleek and modern but also timeless, which matched the needs of a special project in Omaha, Nebraska featured in Landscape Architect. Hear how we helped the lighting designer solve multiple problems presented by this unique installation. 

Illuminating Historical Structures and Modern Outdoor Path Lighting

For this project, our products were used to highlight the historical campus of Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. The campus itself is over 100 years old, and it was in desperate need of a lighting upgrade. The project demanded a clever design that combined strong, dramatic lighting with improved efficiency and modern technology to help offset ongoing costs. 

The project was headed by McKay Lighting, and the designer knew from the outset that the best way to improve efficiency was to replace the current high-voltage lights with low-voltage LEDs. Many of Auroralight’s products use high-efficiency LED bulbs as part of our commitment to creating modern but sustainable lighting solutions. This resulted in significant cost savings for the academy and ensures that the lighting can be easily maintained for a long time to come. 

Another challenge created by the campus was the presence of old structures as well as large deciduous trees that leave significant leaf debris in the fall and winter. The lighting designer cleverly avoided installing anything directly into the historic structures while still providing a stunning lighting feature for the academy’s stately arch. For the leaf debris, fixtures were placed on risers so there was plenty of room for the leaves to settle naturally and the light fixtures to continue to illuminate the trees above. The products used also include built-in drainage to prevent moisture from building up on the lens and distorting or blocking the light. 

The project designers from McKay Lighting also made an interesting and bold choice. They did not use any traditional path lighting. The modern outdoor path lighting they chose to create focused on the trees, buildings, and other significant structures around the campus to draw the eye up rather than focus it on a path. The results are spectacular and highlight the architectural features of the area. To create this effect, the design relied heavily on our robust selection of directional lighting. Some of the fixtures used include our signature luminaire, the SLX16 Mariner, as well as the LSL40 Sitka. Both include our Storm Drain™ Lens Drainage System and are made with solid brass construction. 

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Auroralight Featured in Ocean Home Magazine

Auroralight is a natural fit for many environments, but from the beginning, our goal has always been to create landscape lighting fixtures that can stand up to the harsh demands of the coastal environment. This made us a natural choice for a feature in Ocean Home Magazine.

Brass and Copper Landscape Lighting: Setting the Industry Standard

Ocean Home Magazine entitled their article “Enlightened Landscapes” for a reason. Auroralight is not about following industry trends but about creating them. As Ocean Home highlights, Auroralight’s founder Michael Joye “noticed exterior lighting fixtures being adversely affected by otherwise normal climate conditions” and very quickly found the perfect solution, “high-quality material such as solid brass and copper—now the industry standard—instead of plastic and aluminum.” This revolutionary idea has become a cornerstone of the Auroralight brand, and our exceptional materials will continue to create exceptional landscape lighting fixtures. 

As part of their feature, Ocean Home included photos that show the versatility of Auroralight’s lighting products. One shows a sleek and modern outdoor kitchen lit delicately from above. The downlighting is focused on the stainless steel appliances and avoids competing with the natural ambiance of the evening. The other shows a larger variety of what Auroralight can do. It features the grand entrance of a large and stately home and includes directional lighting, downlighting, and pathway lighting. It shows the graceful and strong impact that the right lighting can have for both landscape and architectural features around any property.

Another reason Auroralight leads the industry is because of our expansive selection of products. “Directional lighting, downlighting, in-grade lighting, bollards, path and area lighting, pendants, underwater lighting, wall and step lighting, mounts: This California-based company has become an industry leader.” A perfect addition to that list has been our cutting edge catenary lighting system. It is designed for “lights [that] can be hung in an attractive pattern of staggered lengths, perfect for outdoor plazas and intimate dining patios.” A discrete junction box keeps any wiring out of site but is also easily accessible when service is required. Explore our full selection of pendants and catenary lighting.

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