The HDL11 Taos, DLX16 Mariner, and LML250 Equinox all strung on Auroralight's Catenary System NEW AURORALIGHT CATENARY MOUNT SYSTEM! 15° Swivel-Pro™ This optional mounting mechanism allows
for rigid attachment of the luminaire while
allowing for up to 15° of cable swag;
allowing the fixture to hang plumb.
Field Serviceable The machined solid brass j-box is designed
for simple wire connections while allowing
the fixture to easily be serviced without
compromising the entire catenary system.
Create An Atmosphere From the classic signature aesthetics of
our LML Series Moonlighters, to the
innovative and exquisite design of our Taos
series pendants, Auroralight downlights and
pendants are ideal for illuminating community
plazas, courtyards and al fresco dining areas.

Auroralight Catenary Mounting System

Auroralight’s new Catenary Cable Mount J-box; machined from solid Billet Brass on our ultra-modern CNC mill-turn lathes. The J-box itself has a separate attachment for catenary cables up to ¼" dia. & features a Cable Brake System™ to prevent luminaire slippage due to swag. Options include the “Rigid swivel mount” for rigid attachment of the luminaire which provides up to 15° of cable swag; allowing the fixture to hang plumb.


  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Pre-assembled System for Easy Installation
  • Compact Design
  • 15° Swivel-Pro™ For Rigid Mount Applications
  • Cable Brake System™
  • All Luminaires are Field Serviceable
  • UL Listed for Low Voltage
  • Made in the USA

How To Design Cable Runs

Not to scale. For illustration purposes only.

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Compatible Products:

HDL11-ACS Taos

DLX16-ACS Mariner

LML250-S5-GTL-ACS Equinox

LML250-C8-GTL-ACS Cyranos

LML250-C8-ACS Artemis