Lighting designers are always looking for what is leading lighting into the future. One of the most ubiquitous trends in recent years is LED lighting. It is an appealing option for any outdoor lighting design for very clear reasons. It is energy efficient, which is ideal for lights that will be seeing a lot of use over long stretches of time. LED lights also naturally last longer, which means a less frequent need for maintenance. Auroralight Inc. has taken advantage of this innovation in many of our fixtures and uses it as an integral feature in our product family, the Encore Collection, and the full line was featured in Lawn & Landscape magazine. 

Revolutionizing Landscapes with Copper Landscape Lighting

Although LED landscape lights like the Encore Collection come with distinct advantages because of LED technology, the Encore Collection is not only LED-compatible but also features solid brass and copper construction. Brass and copper landscape lighting have their own benefits. The conductivity of these metals makes them ideal for landscape lighting because they create heat sinks. This is combined with other incredible features included in the fixtures of the Encore Collection. As Lawn & Landscape describes it, “At the core of each luminaire is a Cree powered, Thermally Integrated and Field Serviceable LED Module. By leveraging the conductivity of copper and brass, it allows the Module to function as a massive heat sink to ensure that heat dissipation, longer life and peak performance is achieved.” This combination of high-tech and high-performance features makes the Encore Collection ideally suited for the most incredible outdoor LED landscape lighting. 

The Encore Collection is also highly flexible because it has a wide range of fixture styles. The full product family includes bollards, pendants, and wall sconces that can be used individually or are compatible with the Aurora Catenary System (ACS). Our president, Michael Joye, states, “The collection offers a sophisticated level of design continuity within a project, while featuring a wide range of products to choose from.” Auroralight Inc. takes pride in using timeless but modern designs so that clients enjoy landscape lighting luminaires that withstand the test of time in every way. Bollards are ideal for use along pathways or around the perimeter of intimate outdoor spaces while pendants are perfect for pergolas, gazebos, or patios. Of course, every fixture is also designed and engineered to undergo the stresses of outdoor exposure and age with elegance. 

In order to make the Encore Collection even more robust, Auroralight also added the Moonlighter series of LED pendant lights. They are ideal for creating the perfect downlighting in both intimate and larger outdoor spaces. The series has 3 shade designs with progressive sizes so it can seamlessly integrate with other lighting fixtures in the Encore Collection. Auroralight Inc. understands that architectural and landscape lighting requires flexibility and range so designers never have to compromise on the integrity of their vision. 

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Explore the Encore Collection for yourself and discover what sets Auroralight apart. Our outdoor LED landscape lighting options and commitment to using solid copper and brass construction have earned us the highest praise from our clients and many returning customers. Contact us for information on getting an official quote or connecting with a sales representative.