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“Auroralight offers above and beyond the best products on the market. They are also backed by the best customer service in the industry, whether it’s a standard stock fixture or a custom fixture. Since I started working with them more than six years ago, Auroralight has always responded quickly and been there for me. Auroralight is a great partner because they care as much as I do as a designer/installer when it comes to providing my customers with the best fixtures possible. Whenever I show clients an Auroralight fixture and let them actually hold one in their hands, it’s obviously why I recommend Auroralight. If I show them the fixture in a catalog, I sell them on the fact that Auroralight is made and machined locally in the U.S. and that it’s a great product with exceptional service. Auroralight’s incredible lifetime warranty ensures there will be a lot less issues down the road and that’s important for long-term customer satisfaction.”

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