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About Us

Discover what sets Auroralight Inc. apart and has made us an enduring presence in the lighting industry since 1996.

About Us

Discover what sets Auroralight apart and has made us an enduring presence in the lighting industry since 1996.

About Auroralight

Auroralight was founded on key guiding principles: quality architectural and landscape lighting fixtures made with materials that withstand the test of time with grace and elegance. These principles continue to influence our products to this day. At Auroralight, we take pride in producing exceptional products that meet the demanding standards of architects, landscape architects, landscape designers, and lighting designers alike.

25+ Years of Excellence

Since 1996, architects and lighting designers across the world have chosen Auroralight products to illuminate their most important projects.

Best Warranty in the Industry

We stand by everything we build with expert technical advice and we back our products with our industry-best lifetime warranty.

Proudly Made in America

Every Auroralight luminaire is manufactured at our beautifully landscaped facility located in Carlsbad, California USA.

Estate Quality Luminaires

Our founder, company president, and lead designer Michael Joye began Auroralight in 1996 after seeing too many landscape lighting manufacturers relying on subpar materials and poor design aesthetics. His vision has led to over 25+ years of the finest luminaires made with solid brass and copper construction.

Each product family offers a unique aesthetic and individual products that have set new standards in the landscape lighting industry. We incorporate the latest technology to provide the best product possible. We use innovations like CNC machining technology, state-of-the-art engineering, and patented designs. Our extensive offerings also include bold statement pieces as well as discrete lighting for even the tightest spaces.

Our products are built for both longevity and sustainability. As part of our commitment to creating lighting that respects and protects the environment, we are a member of the Dark Sky Organization, an organization committed to preventing light pollution. We want our designs to be driven by innovations that combine incredible aesthetics and environmental ethics.

Our commitment to sustainability is the belief that a product has the most value when it is intelligently designed to last a lifetime. For this reason, we use not only high-quality materials but also easily recyclable materials, avoiding unnecessary waste. For over 25+ years, we have crafted the finest of landscape luminaires, developing and engineering every one of our fixtures to a higher standard each time. With a constant push towards extending the lifespan and reducing the waste of every fixture, we have produced the most modular lighting fixtures in the industry. Modular design allows for greater repairability and easier maintenance of our luminaires; individual parts are replaced without waste and can extend their life span further than ever. Our use of modular design results in a highly sustainable and eco-friendly luminaire.

Auroralight was founded in Carlsbad, California, and that is where our work continues to this day. Every luminaire is lovingly crafted from our factory right in the U.S.A., from design, to engineering, to manufacturing, and finally to you. Auroralight provides lifetime lighting solutions, guaranteed.

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We strive to elevate the standard in architectural lighting. We are inspired by the many ways our products help you create extraordinary projects. Our materials, our innovation, and our lifetime warranty lead the industry today and will continue to do so for years to come.

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