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Auroralight Announces New LSW8-PL Luminaires


Auroralight Announces New LSW8-PL Luminaires

Featuring Thermally Integrated™ LEDs & Copper Core Technology®

Launching Nationwide Q3 2018

(CARLSBAD, CA – September, 2018) Auroralight, manufacturer of the world’s finest solid copper and brass landscape lighting solutions is pleased to introduce the new LSW8-PL luminaires. This path light is based on our popular LSW8 Meridian Step/Wall Light. Designed specifically for situations when there is a need to continue lighting a pathway where there is no wall or other structure available to mount the traditional LSW8.

Add Lighting in the Absence of Structure

LSW8-PL Meridian

The LSW8-PL is an ideal solution for uniform spacing and light levels in the absence of a structure. Its small aperture effectively shields against glare while allowing for excellent forward projection with even illumination side to side. Pair with our LSW8 step/wall light for design continuity throughout your project.

Features include:

  • 25 Watts and up to 45 lumens
  • Cree XP-L® High Density LED
  • 2700, 3000 or 4000K (CRI 80 typ.)
  • Interchangeable UV & Shock Resistant Silicone Optic
  • Thermally Integrated™, Field Serviceable LED Module
  • TRIAC Dimming to <10% typ.
  • 12 VAC Electronic or Magnetic
  • Copper and Brass Body w/ Brass or Copper Faceplate

Please see DropBox link to high res product images below:



Jason Kessel

Marketing Communications Manager

760-931-2910 x133


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