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Auroralight News

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Auroralight Featured in Ocean Home Magazine

Auroralight is a natural fit for many environments, but from the beginning, our goal has always been to create landscape lighting fixtures that can stand up to the harsh demands of the coastal environment. This made us a natural choice for a feature in Ocean Home Magazine.

Brass and Copper Landscape Lighting: Setting the Industry Standard

Ocean Home Magazine entitled their article “Enlightened Landscapes” for a reason. Auroralight is not about following industry trends but about creating them. As Ocean Home highlights, Auroralight’s founder Michael Joye “noticed exterior lighting fixtures being adversely affected by otherwise normal climate conditions” and very quickly found the perfect solution, “high-quality material such as solid brass and copper—now the industry standard—instead of plastic and aluminum.” This revolutionary idea has become a cornerstone of the Auroralight brand, and our exceptional materials will continue to create exceptional landscape lighting fixtures. 

As part of their feature, Ocean Home included photos that show the versatility of Auroralight’s lighting products. One shows a sleek and modern outdoor kitchen lit delicately from above. The downlighting is focused on the stainless steel appliances and avoids competing with the natural ambiance of the evening. The other shows a larger variety of what Auroralight can do. It features the grand entrance of a large and stately home and includes directional lighting, downlighting, and pathway lighting. It shows the graceful and strong impact that the right lighting can have for both landscape and architectural features around any property.

Another reason Auroralight leads the industry is because of our expansive selection of products. “Directional lighting, downlighting, in-grade lighting, bollards, path and area lighting, pendants, underwater lighting, wall and step lighting, mounts: This California-based company has become an industry leader.” A perfect addition to that list has been our cutting edge catenary lighting system. It is designed for “lights [that] can be hung in an attractive pattern of staggered lengths, perfect for outdoor plazas and intimate dining patios.” A discrete junction box keeps any wiring out of site but is also easily accessible when service is required. Explore our full selection of pendants and catenary lighting.

To read the full feature in Ocean Home Magazine, click here

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