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Carlton Woods Creekside Escape

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Lighting designer Brandon Kuehler was presented with the daunting task of creating a design for a large estate in The Woodlands, Texas. The 14,000 square foot home was in need of exceptional lighting solutions, including underwater lighting and recessed lighting that required core drilling. The results of his efforts and those of the other designers involved were featured in Landscape Architect magazine, including sleek and subtle light fixtures supplied by Auroralight. 

Auroralight: Estate-Quality Lighting Fixtures

Kuehler chose to rely on Auroralight for almost all lighting fixtures used in the design for Carlton Woods Creekside Escape. As an experienced landscape light manufacturer, Auroralight was able to provide creative solutions to not only bring the project to completion but also create an unforgettable lighting experience. 

One of the key elements of this endeavor was finding a way to highlight some water features throughout the property, including a decorative fountain from Morocco. As Kuehler describes it, “The main goal was to accent the new water feature and make it a focal point.” Auroralight has multiple underwater lighting selections, and they played a key role in the end result. 

Another important aspect of this design was the use of the right materials. The project integrated both brass and copper landscape lighting. Auroralight has always specialized in brass and copper lighting fixtures for their beauty, strength, and unique ability to withstand the elements over time. 

Read the full feature in Landscape Architect here.

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