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Commercial Architecture Products of the Year 2017: LSL6 Cyclops

When you begin a new lighting project, you need quality fixtures to make a statement. But sometimes you need that statement to be subtle and nuanced. That is why Auroralight produces modern outdoor landscape lighting that includes a variety of products to fit your unique needs. It is this attention to detail and versatility that earned our LSL6 Cyclops the title of Product of the Year for Lighting & Electrical in the publication Commercial Architecture in 2017.

Directional Lighting Solutions

It’s no wonder that the LSL6 Cyclops earned the title Product of the Year. As Commercial Architecture highlights, it is “Available in four configurations with a wide variety of finishes and four interchangeable optics.” They also mention a key component of every Auroralight product: solid brass construction. The LSL6 Cyclops is the perfect directional lighting for difficult small spaces when your lighting design needs a gentle touch. 

Auroralight understands the value of adaptable lighting, so we have created a full Cyclops product family with four estate-quality lighting products to choose from. They each offer a sleek design with strategic differences to fit your design’s overall aesthetic. If you require more options to round out your design, we offer a full range of products, including premium directional lighting

If you want to read more about our award winning light fixture, you can find the full feature here.

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