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Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens


Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens

Auroralight Provides Dramatic Lighting Solutions for a California Estate & Public Gardens

Tucked away in North San Diego County in the community of Fallbrook is a jewel of a property spread over 30 acres called Grand Tradition Estates & Gardens. With its finely manicured lawns, lush foliage and heart-shaped lake with dancing fountains, the owners pride themselves on creating a “wow” factor for everyone who visits. The estate is a popular wedding and event destination and in August 2012, the facility officially became a member of the Public Gardens Association where the public can also tour the grounds on a daily basis.

McDougal explained that as he was designing a garden in 2005, his lighting supplier at Mission Electric suggested he contact Auroralight. He was impressed with the solid brass and copper materials used in all the luminaires along with the unprecedented lifetime warranty and top-notch customer service they provide. “Past lighting choices offered no comparison to what we see with Auroralight,” he says. “The powder coated fixtures we used to have began to fall apart within a few years. We’ve had to replace just about everything we have ever purchased before we started working with Auroralight.”

According to McDougal, once he began working with Auroralight, he knew he had found the company that reflected the same level of quality and long-term approach he believes in. “It’s a big investment initially, but there is virtually no maintenance involved and the savings we are experiencing from using LED in our latest garden area is impressive.”

“Part of our branding strategy is to create a unique experience using the finest products combined with the finest customer service,” says McDougal. “It’s important to us to do things and make decisions that will last a lifetime as we create memorable experiences for our visitors. Choosing Auroralight is part of that commitment to only using the finest in everything we do.”

Today, Grand Tradition utilizes close to 500 fixtures throughout the various gardens and pathways. The majority of the fixtures light pathways, up light trees and showcase spectacular foliage and larger open spaces.

One of McDougal’s goals is to offer evening tours of the gardens and host events so that the public can experience the gardens at night when it’s lighted for an entirely different look and feel. “Auroralight has become an important long-term partner to us as we continue to upgrade our existing gardens and create new ones,” says McDougal. “It’s exciting to create synergy with companies like Auroralight. We want to work with only the best and Auroralight has proven to us that it is the very best when it comes to estate quality lighting solutions.”

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