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Kim Levell Draws Inspiration From Auroralight’s Luminaires – Auroralight Inc.

As a designer for interior and exterior spaces, you have to constantly be on the lookout for what’s new and what’s fresh, but you also need to plan for a style that will withstand the test of time. That is part of what drew Kim Levell to the stunning light fixtures made by Auroralight. As an experienced landscape light manufacturer, we know what it takes to create lights that offer timeless style, elegance, and endurance. Kim Levell recently highlighted Auroralight’s designs in Tampa Magazines. She often works in coastal settings, both inside and outside, and has been “a go-to guest expert on The Nate Berkus Show, Martha Stewart Living Radio, NBC Daytime Tampa, and in publications across the country.”

Landscape Lights Built with Style and Substance

Ms. Levell created her list of favorite things by first summarizing her style goals: bringing together natural and organic elements with sleek aesthetics. Designs that integrate this unique harmony work especially well in coastal settings because they so often nestle among the best of nature.  

There is one specific fixture that caught the attention of Kim Levell, the LPL5-SQR Giza . This fixture is an exceptional addition to our exclusive “Founders Collection.” Its bold, sleek lines make it a perfect fit for nearly any lighting design. Lighting itself is a huge feature in how you set up any space. It’s so near and dear to Kim Levell that she says, “Lighting isn’t just an obsession, I collect it.” It has a transformative power that can really influence the overall ambiance of a room or outdoor area. To help you bring your vision to life, you can opt to integrate a light accessory [text “light accessory” links to: /accessories] or finish [text “finish” links to: /finishes] into your Auroralight product. Our convenient configurator allows you to select what will be compatible with your particular fixture as you customize it to your needs. 

We also believe in engineering lighting fixtures that will last both from an aesthetic point of view and an endurance point of view. There is immense beauty in coastal environments that makes them ideal for some of the most striking designs. However, a coastal environment also brings with it some tough challenges. Salty sea air can erode finishes and ruin decorative elements much faster than in other conditions, so durability is of the utmost importance for an intelligent exterior design. As Ms. Levell notes, the LPL5-SQR Giza is uniquely equipped for this exact obstacle: “This light is made from the highest quality copper and brass which is great when it comes to Tampa Bay’s salt air environments.” 

Auroralight was founded on the belief that quality light fixtures made from quality materials should feature in your landscape lighting for years to come. Tampa Magazines describes it as “the philosophy of modular luminaire design for which the brand has become known.” Our philosophy will drive us into the future as we continue our leadership as an acclaimed landscape light manufacturer. 

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