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Landscape Lighting by Auroralight Brings Luxury Poolside

Sometimes one of the most inviting and luxurious spaces of your home is actually outside. However, your outdoor spaces can’t really come to life without the proper lighting. Clever outdoor lighting design can both enhance the number of hours you can spend outdoors and provide an overall aesthetic experience. 

Auroralight specializes in copper landscape lights that have always been designed with endurance and appearance in mind, which is why our products were a natural choice for two poolside lighting projects featured in Luxury Pools magazine. 

Landscape Lighting and Underwater Lighting Advancements

As technology drives forward, it has a strong presence in lighting innovations. One of the most prevalent is the use of LEDs. They have multiple benefits, including outstanding performance and energy efficiency. This makes them a popular choice for modern landscape lighting designers who are looking to make eco-conscious designs for their clients and are ideal for a pool setting since there are likely to be several fixtures that need to run for extended periods of time. 

Auroralight has been at the forefront of landscape lighting since its inception in 1996, so it’s no wonder that the vast majority of Auroralight’s products are LED-compatible. They make a perfect complement to our other engineering priorities. We design modular fixtures that make it easy to only replace a part in need of service. Our specialty is also robust, durable, and recyclable materials, and that is why we use copper and brass for the body of our fixtures. They not only provide an eco-friendly option but also weather well with time in tough environments, developing a beautiful natural patina. 

For the projects featured, Auroralight supplied products that served multiple purposes throughout both properties, including “various elevations and separate areas for a swimming pool, fire pit, and pergola.” One of the properties utilizes downlighting, step lights, and path lights from our diverse product lines. The lighting designers were also able to select products from our underwater lighting products to bring illumination directly into the pools. The results are clear: “Each links beautifully with its homeowners’ goals of making the most use of outdoor space, whatever the time of day.” 

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To learn more about Auroralight’s products and our incredible warranty, feel free to contact us with any questions or to start a project quote. 

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