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Light Up Your Landscape With These 20+ CAD Drawings

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Landscape lighting design relies on premium products and attention to detail. At Auroralight, all of our products have detailed CAD drawings so designers know what to expect and can look for ways to customize our products to fit their needs. 

CAD Details features Auroralight in one of their blogs because we offer exceptional options for spotlighting, which can take your lighting design from good to great and from great to extraordinary. 

Spotlighting Made to Last

CAD Details’ blog draws attention to one of our greatest strengths: durable lighting fixtures. As they describe it, our brass and copper landscape lights take “punishing environmental conditions in stride.” Our founder, Michael Joye, knew that the right materials were essential when he started designing Auroralight’s first fixtures in 1996. Brass and copper handle time and weather elements with grace. That is why our company backs up our products with a top-of-the-line warranty

Auroralight provides a variety of product lines, but CAD Details chose to highlight three of our top spotlight fixtures. The HSL16 Telluride LED Spotlight is described as “an extraordinarily versatile lighting tool.” When it comes to the LSL4 Sitka Spotlight, they say “this powerful lighting tool is easily tamed to meet your specific needs.” Finally, there’s the LSW8-FL Meridian Down Light, complete with “Precise machining coupled with careful engineering.” 

You can read the full blog here or take a deeper look at our downlighting products and other elegant lighting solutions.

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We strive to elevate the standard in architectural lighting. We are inspired by the many ways our products help you create extraordinary projects. Our materials, our innovation, and our lifetime warranty lead the industry today and will continue to do so for years to come.

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