The HSL16-LM Telluride, the flagship directional from Auroralight, utilizes our Thermally Integrated™ Interchangeable LED Module coupled to an all brass body. This union provides superior heat dissipation critical for long life and high performance. The HSL16 includes our Storm Drain™ lens drainage allowing water and dirt to wash away for optimal light transmission. The HSL16 is versatile with over 600 lumens; it has the power to illuminate large-sized trees or, at just 3w, cast subdued light on low shrubbery. Like all our directionals, the Telluride features the Aurora Mount System (AMS™), which provides 360° of fixture rotation on over 12 unique mounting devices for precise aiming without compromising wire integrity.

Features include:

  • Interchangeable LED Module in 4, 6, 8 or 12 Watts up to 621 Lumens Delivered
  • 6 Interchangeable PMMA Acrylic Optics
  • 2700K (80 & 90 CRI) or 3000K (80 CRI)
  • Thermally Integrated® w/ Copper Core Technology®
  • Storm Drain™ Lens Drainage System
  • Aurora Mount System (AMS™) Compatible
  • 12V Integral Constant Current Driver (Remote 12V AC/DC Transformer Required)
  • Dimmable to <10% (TRIAC/Forward Phase) via Compatible Transformer
  • Compatible w/ 12V AC/DC MLV or ELV Transformers
  • Solid Brass Construction

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