The LWL1 in-grade is a high flux, low wattage LED luminaire. Coupled to a brass body, our Thermally Integrated® LED Module provides superior heat dissipation, longer life and higher performance. It is designed to discretely illuminate planted pots, low walls, columns or smaller architectural features from below, highlighting hanging foliage flowers or smaller details where it is not practical to use larger fixtures.

See LMWL, LWL4 and LWL5 for additional size and wattage options.  

Features include:

  • 1.25 Watts and Up to 138 lumens
  • Cree XLAMP® (XP-L) LED
  • 2700K (80 & 90 CRI) or 3000K (80 CRI), or Amber 585-595nm
  • 12V Integral Constant Current Driver (Remote 12V AC/DC Transformer Required)
  • Dimmable to <10% (TRIAC/Forward Phase) via Compatible Transformer
  • Compatible w/ 12V AC/DC MLV or ELV Transformers
  • Drive-over Rated up to 6,000 lbs.
  • Solid Brass Construction

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