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The LSL6-DL is a downlight version of Auroralight’s new LSL6; it is a  Micro-Directional IP67 luminaire that features a Thermally Integrated® and Field Serviceable LED module. The patented ball and socket design features a tiny yet capable Cree® powered light engine. The easily replaceable, self-contained ball fits snugly into a precision machined socket for exceptional heat dissipation allowing this miniature luminaire to operate at 3 watts.

Features include:

  • 3 Watts Up to 171 lumens
  • Cree XLAMP® (XP-L) LED
  • Self-aligning and Self Sealing Optic
  • 2700K (80 & 90 CRI), 3000K (80 CRI)
  • Thermally Integrated®, Field Serviceable LED Module
  • 12V Integral Constant Current Driver (Remote 12V Transformer Required)
  • Dimmable to <10% (TRIAC/Forward Phase) via Compatible Transformer
  • Compatible w/ 12V AC/DC MLV or ELV Transformers
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • US Patent No: D863,607 S

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