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Auroralight creates durable, high-performance landscape and architectural lighting designed for the elegant illumination of walls, steps, pathways, gardens, water features, and more. Select a category to find contemporary lighting solutions that coordinate well with all architectural styles.


All New step light; Our LSMR6 Lumistep

The LSMR6 Lumistep’s sleek and slender profile effortlessly blends into your stair riser, providing a discreet lighting experience that enhances safety and ambiance. With its carefully engineered design, the Lumistep evenly disperses light, eliminating any dark corners or shadows, ensuring illumination of every step for a safe and visually striking ascent.

The solid brass construction ensures durability and adds a touch of luxury to your architectural aspirations. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and style, all wrapped up in a single illuminating masterpiece.

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Auroralight announces acquisition by Kuzco Lighting

Carlsbad, California – January 10, 2024. 

Auroralight, the leading estate-quality landscape and architectural lighting manufacturer, has been acquired by Kuzco Group, a leading modern lighting manufacturer in North America. This strategic move reinforces Auroralight and Kuzco Group’s commitment to pioneering design, innovation, and unparalleled quality in the lighting industry.

Established in 1996, Auroralight has long been recognized as a trailblazer in high-quality, solid brass and copper landscape and architectural lighting fixtures. The brand has consistently delivered estate-quality fixtures capable of withstanding any harsh environment. Auroralight is dedicated to its craftsmanship, offering a lifetime warranty and pushing sustainability initiatives with its quality materials and localized manufacturing. 

Auroralight CEO and Founder Mike Joye is retiring. Mike expressed his gratitude: “My sincere thanks to Auroralight’s loyal customers and lighting specifiers, without whose discerning taste and high expectations propelled the brand to achieve its current greatness.” Long-time Auroralight veteran and President Steve Wood emphasized Auroralight’s market differentiators, “Auroralight will remain dedicated to the design ethos, estate-quality craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service that have been the hallmarks of the brand since its inception in 1996.” Newly appointed CEO John Hradnansky added, “As part of the Kuzco family of exceptional brands, we look forward to combining our industry-leading companies as we strive to deliver even greater levels of lighting product performance and customer satisfaction into the future.” 

Kuzco Group’s acquisition of Auroralight will expand the company’s broad offering, including current brands Kuzco, Alora, and Alora Mood, as well as the growing number of new categories offered by Kuzco Group, including smart fans, mirrors, and track systems. “We are beyond excited to welcome Auroralight and their beautiful, quality product to our brand portfolio,” remarks Nathan Yang, President of Kuzco Lighting. 

By combining design expertise and an unwavering commitment to quality, this collaboration will drive innovation and set new benchmarks in the landscape and architectural lighting industry and beyond. Auroralight will now begin to work with the team at Kuzco Group on new and exciting concepts utilizing what has made Auroralight the highest-quality landscape and architectural lighting manufacturer that it is today.  

The future is bright as Auroralight, and Kuzco Group express gratitude to their customers, partners, and dedicated teams for their ongoing support. This collaboration signals a new era in landscape lighting, promising enhanced designs, cutting-edge technology, and an unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Lightovation attendees this week at January Market can view an offering of Auroralight products in the Kuzco showroom #TM4010.

About Kuzco Group:

Founded in 2006 in Vancouver, Canada, Kuzco Group is a family of lighting brands dedicated to creating cutting-edge designs using the latest in LED technology at affordable prices. Kuzco Group is a collective of brands: Kuzco, Alora, Alora Mood, and Auroralight. Kuzco Group continues to expand with locations from Vancouver to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, and New York. They are committed to providing the highest quality products and customer service. Kuzco Group has won numerous awards for sales and design, including Canada’s Top Growing Companies (2019, 2020,2022), Red Dot (2020, 2021), LIT Design Awards, and more.

About Auroralight:

Established in 1996, Auroralight is a leading estate -quality landscape and architectural lighting manufacturer based in Carlsbad, California. With a focus on enduring design, craftsmanship, and quality, Auroralight sets the standard for landscape lighting, offering state-of-the-art engineering, CNC Machining Technology, and decades of real-world landscape lighting expertise.

Auroralight Media Contact: 

Nick Scott


Tel: +1(760) 931-2910


Kim Levell Draws Inspiration From Auroralight’s Luminaires – Auroralight Inc.

As a designer for interior and exterior spaces, you have to constantly be on the lookout for what’s new and what’s fresh, but you also need to plan for a style that will withstand the test of time. That is part of what drew Kim Levell to the stunning light fixtures made by Auroralight. As an experienced landscape light manufacturer, we know what it takes to create lights that offer timeless style, elegance, and endurance. Kim Levell recently highlighted Auroralight’s designs in Tampa Magazines. She often works in coastal settings, both inside and outside, and has been “a go-to guest expert on The Nate Berkus Show, Martha Stewart Living Radio, NBC Daytime Tampa, and in publications across the country.”

Landscape Lights Built with Style and Substance

Ms. Levell created her list of favorite things by first summarizing her style goals: bringing together natural and organic elements with sleek aesthetics. Designs that integrate this unique harmony work especially well in coastal settings because they so often nestle among the best of nature.  

There is one specific fixture that caught the attention of Kim Levell, the LPL5-SQR Giza . This fixture is an exceptional addition to our exclusive “Founders Collection.” Its bold, sleek lines make it a perfect fit for nearly any lighting design. Lighting itself is a huge feature in how you set up any space. It’s so near and dear to Kim Levell that she says, “Lighting isn’t just an obsession, I collect it.” It has a transformative power that can really influence the overall ambiance of a room or outdoor area. To help you bring your vision to life, you can opt to integrate a light accessory [text “light accessory” links to: /accessories] or finish [text “finish” links to: /finishes] into your Auroralight product. Our convenient configurator allows you to select what will be compatible with your particular fixture as you customize it to your needs. 

We also believe in engineering lighting fixtures that will last both from an aesthetic point of view and an endurance point of view. There is immense beauty in coastal environments that makes them ideal for some of the most striking designs. However, a coastal environment also brings with it some tough challenges. Salty sea air can erode finishes and ruin decorative elements much faster than in other conditions, so durability is of the utmost importance for an intelligent exterior design. As Ms. Levell notes, the LPL5-SQR Giza is uniquely equipped for this exact obstacle: “This light is made from the highest quality copper and brass which is great when it comes to Tampa Bay’s salt air environments.” 

Auroralight was founded on the belief that quality light fixtures made from quality materials should feature in your landscape lighting for years to come. Tampa Magazines describes it as “the philosophy of modular luminaire design for which the brand has become known.” Our philosophy will drive us into the future as we continue our leadership as an acclaimed landscape light manufacturer. 

To read the full article, click here

To enquire about Auroralight’s products or get started on a quote, contact us.

Landscape Lighting by Auroralight Brings Luxury Poolside

Sometimes one of the most inviting and luxurious spaces of your home is actually outside. However, your outdoor spaces can’t really come to life without the proper lighting. Clever outdoor lighting design can both enhance the number of hours you can spend outdoors and provide an overall aesthetic experience. 

Auroralight specializes in copper landscape lights that have always been designed with endurance and appearance in mind, which is why our products were a natural choice for two poolside lighting projects featured in Luxury Pools magazine. 

Landscape Lighting and Underwater Lighting Advancements

As technology drives forward, it has a strong presence in lighting innovations. One of the most prevalent is the use of LEDs. They have multiple benefits, including outstanding performance and energy efficiency. This makes them a popular choice for modern landscape lighting designers who are looking to make eco-conscious designs for their clients and are ideal for a pool setting since there are likely to be several fixtures that need to run for extended periods of time. 

Auroralight has been at the forefront of landscape lighting since its inception in 1996, so it’s no wonder that the vast majority of Auroralight’s products are LED-compatible. They make a perfect complement to our other engineering priorities. We design modular fixtures that make it easy to only replace a part in need of service. Our specialty is also robust, durable, and recyclable materials, and that is why we use copper and brass for the body of our fixtures. They not only provide an eco-friendly option but also weather well with time in tough environments, developing a beautiful natural patina. 

For the projects featured, Auroralight supplied products that served multiple purposes throughout both properties, including “various elevations and separate areas for a swimming pool, fire pit, and pergola.” One of the properties utilizes downlighting, step lights, and path lights from our diverse product lines. The lighting designers were also able to select products from our underwater lighting products to bring illumination directly into the pools. The results are clear: “Each links beautifully with its homeowners’ goals of making the most use of outdoor space, whatever the time of day.” 

To read the full feature, click here

To learn more about Auroralight’s products and our incredible warranty, feel free to contact us with any questions or to start a project quote. 

Auroralight Illuminates History in the Shakespeare Garden

Historic landmarks and places face a unique struggle when it comes to landscape lighting design. There has to be a balance between the aesthetics of the area and the intelligent use of modern lighting solutions. That was the challenge facing Chicago lighting designer Peter Hugh when he was chosen to head a project at the Shakespeare Garden. The Shakespeare Garden is a unique space on the National Register for Historic Places that is on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. The playful English garden was planted by and has been carefully tended by The Garden Club of Evanston since 1915. But in 2016 when the club was gifted funds by the university for an upgrade, they faced the unique challenge of lighting it for the first time ever. Peter Hugh knew he had to maintain the integrity of the over 100-year-old garden and its history with exceptional and thoughtful path lighting and in grade lighting. That is why he turned to Auroralight, Inc., a leading landscape lighting company since 1996. The stunning results were featured in CAD Details. 

In Grade Lighting and Path Lighting Made to Last

Once Peter Hugh had selected Auroralight’s fixtures, he knew he had to prove their value. His ingenious solution was to have samples brought in to show the stakeholders involved. “We let the staff at Northwestern hold the fixtures in their hands so they could appreciate the quality in workmanship and the beauty found in the use of solid copper and brass.” Auroralight has always been committed to using high-quality materials not only because they produce visually appealing results but also because they are long-lasting and sustainable. As Hugh puts it, “Real value is seen in longevity, better performance, and less maintenance over time vs. the lowest upfront cost.”

The next problem was figuring out how to add light to the garden that was unobtrusive but effective enough to make the garden accessible at night for the first time ever. As a result, the right path lighting became an important consideration. The choice of fixture was obvious: the LMG1-90s Maglio. It is sleek, powerful, flexible, and uses high-performance LEDs. It is also highly customizable, so it can be used in a variety of spaces for consistency without compromising on size, beam spread, dimming, and more. An additional consideration would be future lighting additions or updates, and the LMG1-90s Maglio can be complemented by other path lighting products that are part of the overall Maglio product family, which is ideal for maintaining the integrity of the initial design. 

After the problem of path lighting was solved, there had to be appropriate lighting for the focal points in the garden. There are two features that needed to be distinctly highlighted, a fountain and a sundial. Peter Hugh chose from Auroralight’s lineup of in grade lighting to cast a strong light without disrupting the architectural features of the focal points. He ultimately decided to use the LMWL Micro Well. Although it is a small fixture dimensionally, it casts strong illumination with a smaller diameter. It is easy to direct, which made it ideal for strategically highlighting the facades of the fountain and sundial. 

Peter Hugh knew he wanted this lighting project to create “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and Auroralight helped that dream come true. As he states, “Using Auroralight was an easy choice for me. We have peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, we are working with a company that will take care of it and that means a lot to us.” The Shakespeare Garden’s new illumination will see it inspire future visitors for many more years to come. 

To read the full feature in CAD Details, click here

If you’re looking for a landscape lighting company backed by integrity and craftsmanship, then you can contact Auroralight Inc. for questions and quotes for your upcoming landscape lighting or architectural lighting project.

Auroralight LEDs Bring Residence Into the Future

Time can render some lighting fixtures obsolete. At Auroralight, our goal as an experienced landscape light manufacturer is to produce timeless fixtures that are supported by modern innovations. Our designs are not only aesthetically modern and dynamic but also modular, which makes it easy to maintain our products for years to come. These are precisely the characteristics that made our products the optimal solution for a large-scale project for a home  that sits on two lots in a gated community. 

Renewal with Modern Outdoor Landscape Lighting

The project seemed simple enough. The homeowner was in desperate need of a landscape lighting upgrade after their multitude of trees had matured and tripled in size. Originally, each tree had only one dedicated fixture. That left the property mostly in darkness. The project was given to McKay Landscape Lighting, and the project designer, Andrew Coleman (AJ) quickly ascertained that the best solution would be a full upgrade that included at least two fixtures per tree as well as a transition to LED lamps. 

Auroralight became a clear answer for all the problems presented by this project. Many of our fixtures are compatible with LED lamps, and our product lines include a wide variety of lighting solutions conducive to all kinds of spaces and landscapes. This particular project included spotlights, path and area lighting, and directional lighting to achieve the proper effect. Another key component of this project was the need to light modern sculptures throughout the property, which was again easily handled by our robust product line. 

Ultimately, the designer chose to use our flexible spotlights for two applications. First, they were used to emphasize the roofline of the home so that the architecture was clearly visible. As AJ explains, “The main goal was to highlight the beauty of the home and provide added security at the same time.” Second, the same spotlights were used to illuminate the modern sculptures and play up their unique angles and create interesting shadows. 

For the trees, AJ chose our original and ever-popular SLX16 Mariner. This accent light offers many potential applications, and our Storm Drain™ lens drainage system makes it an ideal choice for use around trees that see a lot of rainfall, dirt, and debris. Finally, the design was finished with our exceptional path lighting that is ideal for use in discreet applications like garden beds and other areas to help illuminate without distracting from the beauty of the landscape itself. 

Of course, the entire project benefitted from the use of LED lamps. They offer a plethora of advantages, including a more sustainable lighting solution, a longer lifespan, improved energy efficiency, and no heat or UV emissions. 

Read the full feature from Landscape Architect here

If you’re looking to update and modernize your outdoor landscape lighting or architectural lighting, then turn to the experts at Auroralight. Our products feature estate quality designs and technological advances that come directly from our factory in Carlsbad, California to you. Contact us for more information and to start your quote today. 

Auroralight Products Light Up Duchesne Academy

At Auroralight we strive to create estate-quality luminaires that bring elegance and illumination to a wide variety of environments and spaces. This is part of why we have been a leader in the outdoor lighting industry for over 25 years. Our fixtures are sleek and modern but also timeless, which matched the needs of a special project in Omaha, Nebraska featured in Landscape Architect. Hear how we helped the lighting designer solve multiple problems presented by this unique installation. 

Illuminating Historical Structures and Modern Outdoor Path Lighting

For this project, our products were used to highlight the historical campus of Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. The campus itself is over 100 years old, and it was in desperate need of a lighting upgrade. The project demanded a clever design that combined strong, dramatic lighting with improved efficiency and modern technology to help offset ongoing costs. 

The project was headed by McKay Lighting, and the designer knew from the outset that the best way to improve efficiency was to replace the current high-voltage lights with low-voltage LEDs. Many of Auroralight’s products use high-efficiency LED bulbs as part of our commitment to creating modern but sustainable lighting solutions. This resulted in significant cost savings for the academy and ensures that the lighting can be easily maintained for a long time to come. 

Another challenge created by the campus was the presence of old structures as well as large deciduous trees that leave significant leaf debris in the fall and winter. The lighting designer cleverly avoided installing anything directly into the historic structures while still providing a stunning lighting feature for the academy’s stately arch. For the leaf debris, fixtures were placed on risers so there was plenty of room for the leaves to settle naturally and the light fixtures to continue to illuminate the trees above. The products used also include built-in drainage to prevent moisture from building up on the lens and distorting or blocking the light. 

The project designers from McKay Lighting also made an interesting and bold choice. They did not use any traditional path lighting. The modern outdoor path lighting they chose to create focused on the trees, buildings, and other significant structures around the campus to draw the eye up rather than focus it on a path. The results are spectacular and highlight the architectural features of the area. To create this effect, the design relied heavily on our robust selection of directional lighting. Some of the fixtures used include our signature luminaire, the SLX16 Mariner, as well as the LSL40 Sitka. Both include our Storm Drain™ Lens Drainage System and are made with solid brass construction. 

To read the full feature in Landscape Architecture, click here.

To find out more about the exceptional lighting fixtures available from Auroralight Inc., you can contact us

Auroralight Featured in Ocean Home Magazine

Auroralight is a natural fit for many environments, but from the beginning, our goal has always been to create landscape lighting fixtures that can stand up to the harsh demands of the coastal environment. This made us a natural choice for a feature in Ocean Home Magazine.

Brass and Copper Landscape Lighting: Setting the Industry Standard

Ocean Home Magazine entitled their article “Enlightened Landscapes” for a reason. Auroralight is not about following industry trends but about creating them. As Ocean Home highlights, Auroralight’s founder Michael Joye “noticed exterior lighting fixtures being adversely affected by otherwise normal climate conditions” and very quickly found the perfect solution, “high-quality material such as solid brass and copper—now the industry standard—instead of plastic and aluminum.” This revolutionary idea has become a cornerstone of the Auroralight brand, and our exceptional materials will continue to create exceptional landscape lighting fixtures. 

As part of their feature, Ocean Home included photos that show the versatility of Auroralight’s lighting products. One shows a sleek and modern outdoor kitchen lit delicately from above. The downlighting is focused on the stainless steel appliances and avoids competing with the natural ambiance of the evening. The other shows a larger variety of what Auroralight can do. It features the grand entrance of a large and stately home and includes directional lighting, downlighting, and pathway lighting. It shows the graceful and strong impact that the right lighting can have for both landscape and architectural features around any property.

Another reason Auroralight leads the industry is because of our expansive selection of products. “Directional lighting, downlighting, in-grade lighting, bollards, path and area lighting, pendants, underwater lighting, wall and step lighting, mounts: This California-based company has become an industry leader.” A perfect addition to that list has been our cutting edge catenary lighting system. It is designed for “lights [that] can be hung in an attractive pattern of staggered lengths, perfect for outdoor plazas and intimate dining patios.” A discrete junction box keeps any wiring out of site but is also easily accessible when service is required. Explore our full selection of pendants and catenary lighting.

To read the full feature in Ocean Home Magazine, click here

If you’re ready to learn more about what Auroralight can do for your landscape and/or architectural lighting project, contact us

Commercial Architecture Products of the Year 2017: LSL6 Cyclops

When you begin a new lighting project, you need quality fixtures to make a statement. But sometimes you need that statement to be subtle and nuanced. That is why Auroralight produces modern outdoor landscape lighting that includes a variety of products to fit your unique needs. It is this attention to detail and versatility that earned our LSL6 Cyclops the title of Product of the Year for Lighting & Electrical in the publication Commercial Architecture in 2017.

Directional Lighting Solutions

It’s no wonder that the LSL6 Cyclops earned the title Product of the Year. As Commercial Architecture highlights, it is “Available in four configurations with a wide variety of finishes and four interchangeable optics.” They also mention a key component of every Auroralight product: solid brass construction. The LSL6 Cyclops is the perfect directional lighting for difficult small spaces when your lighting design needs a gentle touch. 

Auroralight understands the value of adaptable lighting, so we have created a full Cyclops product family with four estate-quality lighting products to choose from. They each offer a sleek design with strategic differences to fit your design’s overall aesthetic. If you require more options to round out your design, we offer a full range of products, including premium directional lighting

If you want to read more about our award winning light fixture, you can find the full feature here.

Testimonials Hero Banner

Carlton Woods Creekside Escape

Lighting designer Brandon Kuehler was presented with the daunting task of creating a design for a large estate in The Woodlands, Texas. The 14,000 square foot home was in need of exceptional lighting solutions, including underwater lighting and recessed lighting that required core drilling. The results of his efforts and those of the other designers involved were featured in Landscape Architect magazine, including sleek and subtle light fixtures supplied by Auroralight. 

Auroralight: Estate-Quality Lighting Fixtures

Kuehler chose to rely on Auroralight for almost all lighting fixtures used in the design for Carlton Woods Creekside Escape. As an experienced landscape light manufacturer, Auroralight was able to provide creative solutions to not only bring the project to completion but also create an unforgettable lighting experience. 

One of the key elements of this endeavor was finding a way to highlight some water features throughout the property, including a decorative fountain from Morocco. As Kuehler describes it, “The main goal was to accent the new water feature and make it a focal point.” Auroralight has multiple underwater lighting selections, and they played a key role in the end result. 

Another important aspect of this design was the use of the right materials. The project integrated both brass and copper landscape lighting. Auroralight has always specialized in brass and copper lighting fixtures for their beauty, strength, and unique ability to withstand the elements over time. 

Read the full feature in Landscape Architect here.

All New step light; Our LSMR6 Lumistep

The LSMR6 Lumistep’s sleek and slender profile effortlessly blends into your stair riser, providing a discreet lighting experience that enhances safety and ambiance. With its

Testimonials Hero Banner

Carlton Woods Creekside Escape

Lighting designer Brandon Kuehler was presented with the daunting task of creating a design for a large estate in The Woodlands, Texas. The 14,000 square

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