Take advantage of multiple finishes for Auroralight luminaires. Our solid Brass and Copper fixtures combined with our BLP, PVD, Powder Coated, or Natural finishes create timeless beauty for stunning outdoor lighting designs.

NATURAL (unfinished)
Auroralight’s hallmark material is natural copper. Because precipitation, sun exposure, and humidity all contribute to the development of a natural patina, how quickly your luminaires age will depend on your local conditions. Generally, untreated copper and brass darken after approximately 30 days of outdoor exposure. In time, copper matures to a deep red hue; brass attains darker shades of umber. Given a few years’ time, a beautiful verdigris may develop. The natural patina of Auroralight luminiares harmonizes perfectly with any outdoor setting.

Auroralight’s Nickel PVD finish is applied through a state-of-the-art process, Physical Vapor Deposition. Proven in applications such as bathroom fixtures and marine equipment, the finish is extremely durable on our outdoor luminaires. Applied over solid copper and brass, resulting appearance is similar to Stainless Steel,  available on most fixtures and accessories.
Lifetime Warranty does not apply to PVD coating.

Our Bronze Living Patina is an accelerated patina finish for those discerning clients who do not wish to wait for nature to take its time and paint their luminaires with a natural patina. Living Patina is wax coated and continues to age outdoors. Unique coloring will keep developing based on local climatic conditions.
For a darker BLP, please specify BLP-XD.
Lifetime Warranty does not apply to BLP coating.

POWDER COATED (White, Black or Bronze)
Baked polyester powder coat available on select products. Consult factory for custom colors.
Lifetime Warranty does not apply to powder coating.