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Take advantage of multiple finishes for Auroralight luminaires. Our solid Brass and Copper fixtures combined with our BLP, PVD, Powder Coated, or Natural finishes create timeless beauty for stunning outdoor lighting designs.

Natural (NAT)

At Auroralight we meticulously carve each of our luminaires out of solid Copper and Brass materials. Over time Brass will darken towards mellow shades of amber and Copper will acquire a warm red hue both of which will change with touch, may oxidize, and over time develop a beautiful verdigris. The natural patina process is unique to every luminaire and its coloring will mature based on environmental exposure.

Bronze Living Patina (BLP & BLP-XD) Finishes

BLP accelerates the natural patina process of Copper and Brass. It allows for a more consistent and predictable appearance in newly installed luminaires without sacrificing the beauty that comes with natural aging. These finishes allow for a gradual, natural oxidation to occur over time.

BLP-XD (extra dark) is an extended process to achieve a more pronounced and richer BLP color. These finishes allow for a gradual, natural oxidation to occur over time.

Physical Vapor Deposition (NI & PVD) Finishes

PVD coating exhibits the highest brilliance, exceptional hardness, the greatest scratch resistance and the most superior anti-tarnish protection. Nickel PVD resembles brushed stainless steel when applied over Copper and Brass.

Powder Coated (PC) Finishes

Until the advent of PVD finishes, powder coating provided the greatest protection against tarnish available in the industry. Still extremely hard and reliable and now with antimicrobial benefits, powder coating bonds tightly to the underlying material providing a smooth and clear, yet tough and flexible, coating generally impervious to air and moisture for years.

Actual finishes will vary from photographic representations.
Contact us for our complete list of custom finish colors.
There is no Warranty on optional finishes including BLP, BLP-XD, PVD, and Powder Coat

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