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Our robust selection of lighting accessories allows you to customize Auroralight’s superior quality luminaires. We can tailor every fixture’s performance to perfectly complement any application.

About Our Light-Shaping Accessories

Light-shaping accessories are an effective tool used to fine tune and enhance a lighting design. It is often this additional level of detail that distinguishes a great lighting design from the rest. Use to enhance depth perception, conjure up a moonlit garden illusion, add drama, accent a focal point or add a festive, seasonal touch. The possibilities are endless. Guiding principles are summarized below by fixture category. Some accessories can be combined for a more dramatic effect. Refer to individual fixture spec sheets for availability.

Hex Baffles [H]​

The Hex Baffle is designed to minimize glare to increase visual comfort. Ideal for areas where a visible light source is present. Made from anodized aluminum.

Linear Spread Lens [L]

The Linear Spread Lens directs the beam into an elongated oval shape. Use to further spread the light horizontally or vertically. Made from glass.

Prismatic Lens [P]

The Prismatic Lens diffuses the light into all directions. Dozens of tiny prisms work in unison to widen and soften the light beam. Made from glass.

Micro Prismatic Lens [MP]

The Micro Prismatic Lens, similar to our Prismatic lens, has a prismatic texture that refracts the light into all directions, working to further diffuse and widen the light beam. Made from glass.

Frosted Lens [F]

The Frosted Lens softens and scatters light for a softer glow with no shadowing. It is also effective in reducing hot spots. Made from semi-opaque white glass with matte finish.

Stepped Baffle w/ Hex Baffle [SBH]

The Stepped Baffle absorbs light to minimize glare. Pairs with the Hex Baffle for optimal glare control and visual comfort.

Dipped Black Lens [DL]

The Dipped Black Lens is a frosted lens that is partially blackened to decrease and soften direct light. This reduces glare in our LSW8 Meridian. Made from glass.

Linear Baffle [LB]

The Linear Baffle has diagonal louvers to shield direct light when a visible light source is not desired. Available in our LMWL, LMWL-R, LMWL-SQ, and LSW16 Polaris. Made from anodized aluminum.

ISO Shield [IS-30 & IS-50]

The ISO Shield allows you to adjust the beam angle up to 50% to control the spread of light. Pairs with the Stepped Baffle w/ Hex. Available in our LWL3, LWL3-R, and LWL3-SQ Centro.

Glare Bezel [GB]

Our Glare Bezels prevent direct glare in some of our In-Grades. These work to block light output in one direction. Glare bezels will give you more glare control while preserving beam spread. These are available on our WL16, HWL11, and LWL5 Lighthaus. Made from solid brass.

Directional Reflector [180 & 270]

The Directional Reflector shields and reflects horizonal light to control the amount of visible light on the ground. Prevents backlighting and illumination of unwanted areas. Available in our HPL Pathlights. Made from brass with PVD Nickel finish.

Internal Diffuser [ID]

The Internal Diffuser works to soften and scatter light for a softer glow with no shadowing. Made from semi-opaque white glass with matte finish. Available in our HPL Pathlights.

Backlight Shield [BS]

The Backlight Shield allows for beautiful forward-projecting illumination with no backlighting. Available in our LPL7-SQ Quadrant.

Accessory Retainer [AR & ARW]

Accessory retainers secure lenses and hex baffles within the fixture aperture to ensure proper fit and function. The AR is used with our Mariner series of directional and downlight fixtures and secures the accessories into the shroud. The ARW is used with our XO series of MR16 fixtures by attaching the accessories directly to the lamp. Made from brass.

NOTE: Use of light-shaping accessories may result
in decreased light output which is not identified in our IES performance test reports.

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